Why Nurse Bullying is Bad-Written by: The Verkinator

On one of my most recent podcasts, I made a 2 part program about nurse bullying. Why? Because it is prevalent in today’s nursing profession and most hospitals DO KNOW it exists. What they neglect to do is to have any kind of policy and procedure outlining bullying behavior. Back when sexual discrimination was new on the scene, EVERY human resource (HR) employee was given hours of education and told, “we have a zero tolerance policy on this”. I am curious as to why hospitals, academic facilities and schools don’t do more about this issue. In nursing, there are STILL old school nurses that think it’s cool to “eat their young”. I have news for them, it was never cool, and I (as an older and experienced nurse) support the newer RN’s as they come into our profession. No one came into nursing knowing everything. I tell everyone “I will never know everything!” Nursing is about giving a hand out and a hand up so that we can all take great care of our patients. We all have the SAME goal at hand. Besides, teaching and supporting the newer RN’s gives me a sense that I am doing my part for the next generation. If I am ever a patient when I’m old, maybe a RN that I taught someday will be taking care of me. If that is the case, I am confident they will have amazing clinical skills, because I believe in supporting, nurturing, mentoring and coaching the new RN’s from novice to expert. That’s how I roll.



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About the Author
I am an experienced trauma nurse who has seen a lot of super tragic and gnarly things. On the flip side, I’ve have seen and done a lot of amazing things in my 20 years of nursing as well. I’ve saved lives for a living and I have had the privilege and the honor of holding patients hands as they take their last breath. I have seen SO many patients and their loved ones in their most fragile moments. I am proud of my profession, and for the fact that I have fought so valiantly to be here. Sometimes nurses get burnt out, but I have been blessed to be at the bedside all of my career. I have earned multiple degrees and certifications in nursing. I am the nurse you want at your bedside when you’re critically injured and dying. I put my blood, sweat and tears into being clinically astute & relevant. This blog is to help new nurses, nursing students, paramedics, experienced nurses, or whomever comes across my blogs path and think it is intriguing, educational or inspiring to them. In this career, we are all here to share and help one another grow. I believe in building others up, so they can reach the next level, whatever their goal may be. Carpe Diem & ENJOY!

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