Best Advice for New Grad Nurses by: The Verkinator


To all of my nursing students PAST AND PRESENT:

You ARE THE FACE OF NURSING.  Represent this profession with the utmost confidence.  Know that every patient room you walk into, you have the possibility to make a difference in their life.  The ability to make a difference in someone’s life is a privilege and an honor. DO NOT TAKE THIS RESPONSIBILITY LIGHTLY.  Question everything, take nothing at face value and never assume that something someone told you is always right unless they are a trusted colleague with a proven track record.  Check and cross check your meds.  If something doesn’t feel right IT PROBABLY ISNT.  Follow your gut.  Your intuition is correct.  That tiny voice that is whispering “this patient is sicker than he seems” “that rash doesn’t look right” “that toddler is breathing too fast” TRUST YOUR GUT.  It will not steer you wrong.  If you are scared, nervous or unsure of a skill ask a senior trusted RN colleague.   Don’t say you know it all.  NO ONE knows it all.  You will be in this profession for your whole career and never know it all.  This is WHY we call nurses lifelong learners.  This is why we rely so heavily upon EBP.  Things change daily in nursing.  Please take my words to heart.  Long after I take my last breath this and have bequeathed all of my nursing knowledge, YOU ARE THE FUTURE OF NURSING IN AMERICA.  Be the mentor, be the role model be the epitome of professionalism at all times.  Be the nurse who walks into the patients room and looks to heal him physically, emotionally and mentally.  Remember that every patient typically needs healing for their heart, body and mind.  Be the nurse who takes care of patients not just for a paycheck, but because you have a passion for saving lives for a living.   The art of nursing is making a difference in patients lives.  Bring peace, kindness and empathy into every room that you walk into.  Give compassion to those who have lived rough lives and are fighting addictions.  Give some of your time to the elderly widow that needs to talk because she is lonely.  Give your biggest smile to a scared child and remember to be understanding to his or her frightened parents.   Remember that every patient is someone’s aunt, uncle, brother, husband or wife.  Treat your patients the way you would want someone to treat you or your family.  Be a patient advocate.  Fight fiercely for those who can no longer speak or forget to advocate for themselves.   Remember that nursing is a calling, and you are called to care for everyone equally no matter their race, creed, religion or political views.  Be compassionate.  Every patient.  Every time.  Be consistent, empathetic and work well with others.  Learn something new each day.  Smile when you walk down the hospital hall.  Remember being new isn’t a disease.   Remember when you are a new RN it’s a tough learning curve for a whole year. Also, find your nursing tribe and love them hard. Don’t allow negative self talk in your head.  For every negative thing you say to yourself say 10 positive things.  Find a hobby.  Don’t pick up overtime your first year out of school.  Most of all, be the kind of nurse you want to follow after a super busy 12 hour shift.  

Follow these rules, you’ll be a-👌🏼©️emergencytraumama

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I am an experienced trauma nurse who has seen a lot of super tragic and gnarly things. On the flip side, I’ve have seen and done a lot of amazing things in my 20 years of nursing as well. I’ve saved lives for a living and I have had the privilege and the honor of holding patients hands as they take their last breath. I have seen SO many patients and their loved ones in their most fragile moments. I am proud of my profession, and for the fact that I have fought so valiantly to be here. Sometimes nurses get burnt out, but I have been blessed to be at the bedside all of my career. I have earned multiple degrees and certifications in nursing. I am the nurse you want at your bedside when you’re critically injured and dying. I put my blood, sweat and tears into being clinically astute & relevant. This blog is to help new nurses, nursing students, paramedics, experienced nurses, or whomever comes across my blogs path and think it is intriguing, educational or inspiring to them. In this career, we are all here to share and help one another grow. I believe in building others up, so they can reach the next level, whatever their goal may be. Carpe Diem & ENJOY!

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