The Eyes Tell No Lies💯

Have you ever looked at someone’s pupils and just thought, “what the heck are they on?”🤷🏻‍♀️🤔

As an experienced ED RN, I have become accustomed to looking at patient’s pupils and correlating their eyes with their actions. Not only does this protect you and your other patients, but it bodes well for charting. This is extremely important if the patient was involved in a crime, committed a crime or was tragically involved in a 10-50 (MVC). Chances are, you and your charting could get a subpoena and you may be called to testify in a court of law regarding: the patient’s demeanor, pupils, etc. Make sure that your charting tells a great story/presentation. Good charting should read like a good book…There should be a beginning, a middle and an end. Use free txt or narrative notes because most times, what the patient says “which you should be using direct quotes” is more than enough to help convince a jury if your patient is the perp of a crime. Legally, you need to ensure you are making nurse informed observations, not putting your own opinion into the charting. Documenting pupils will tell the story along with a positive toxicology screen and charting the patient’s demeanor.

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I am an experienced trauma nurse who has seen a lot of super tragic and gnarly things. On the flip side, I’ve have seen and done a lot of amazing things in my 20 years of nursing as well. I’ve saved lives for a living and I have had the privilege and the honor of holding patients hands as they take their last breath. I have seen SO many patients and their loved ones in their most fragile moments. I am proud of my profession, and for the fact that I have fought so valiantly to be here. Sometimes nurses get burnt out, but I have been blessed to be at the bedside all of my career. I have earned multiple degrees and certifications in nursing. I am the nurse you want at your bedside when you’re critically injured and dying. I put my blood, sweat and tears into being clinically astute & relevant. This blog is to help new nurses, nursing students, paramedics, experienced nurses, or whomever comes across my blogs path and think it is intriguing, educational or inspiring to them. In this career, we are all here to share and help one another grow. I believe in building others up, so they can reach the next level, whatever their goal may be. Carpe Diem & ENJOY!

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