That’s a LOT of VITAMIN A (aka Ativan)!😱

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HR 168, BP 140, paranoid, hyperactive. The stains on “wife-beater” indicated that it had gone a few rounds of if right-side-on/inside-out without ever seeing the inside of a washing machine. “What’d you do bro?” I asked. He quickly looked left, then right at the passing unicorns and chupacabras. “He said he swallowed a rock,” said the medic.
“Of meth??”
“How big??”
It really didn’t matter. When a body-packer(someone who is smuggling wrapped up drugs in their guts) has one of the packages burst, it is often times deadly. The massive bolus of the stimulant can cause tachycardia, arrhythmias, and death. 
What would possess someone to knowingly ingest a meth rock when no cops were trying to bust him for posession?
I didn’t have time to solve that riddle. “Grab me 10mg of Ativan.” I saw the hesitancy in her eyes, but off to the Pyxis she went. “Push Ativan 4mg.” HR 167. BP holding steady.
“Another 4mg.” HR 167…like pissing on a forest fire.
“I’ll push the other 2mg, just grab 10mg more.”
6mg…4mg…HR 160. 10mg…HR 152, unicorns everywhere. 6mg…4mg…HR 144, gone were the chupacabras, but still awake and talking. 4mg…HR 135 and talking. 4mg…HR 124 and calm. 2mg….HR 115, drowsy but easily arousable, protecting the airway. “I think we’re good.” “Wrraaabbgghhh,” he said in agreement. HR 112, SBP 125, O2 sat 94% on room air.
Then the answer struck me. As a young scientist, we would do most experiments in vitro(in a test tube). Rarely in vivo(in a living cell). This addict realized that if he had smoked or shot up this entire rock, the massive bolus through his veins or lungs would have been immediately lethal. But swallowing this rock would allow his gut to slowly digest it. Allowing him to achieve the longest high while walking the thin line between life and death. This was his in vivo experiment. 
Over the years, I’ve confirmed my hypothesis with other toothless scientific colleagues that repeated this in vivo experiment on a larger scale, but this is the only one with photographic evidence. 
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