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Positive Seat Belt Sign

Let’s talk about a + seatbelt sign and what that could mean when taking care of your trauma patients. Always anticipate the types of injuries that you will see such as: 1. Hemothorax, pneumothorax or hemopneumothorax 2. Clavicular fx’s3. Blunt abdominal injury with active internal bleeds such as small bowel rupture or mesenteric artery tears. Initial FAST may or may not see so emphasis on pt presentation and repeat FAST exams are key especially in the case of fluctuating patient stability. 4. Traumatic kyphosis with paraparesis5. Teardrop fx’s L-S spine6. Chance fx’s-usually related to lap seatbelt use, this mechanism can result in complete ligamentous injury or a combination of bony, ligament, and disk involvement.

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When Quitting Isn't an Option

Why Does it seem like you Have to Fall Many Times Before You Succeed? Have you ever wondered what truly leads to success? Is it sheer luck? Talent? Hard work?  A combination of perseverance AND good luck? Once upon a time, someone once asked me what it took to be successful within my chosen profession of nursing. I thought to myself, "what a LOADED question!" If I had to break it down, I would say that it is a combination of many things, not just one. Luck does play a part, regardless of whether you want to believe that or not. Being at the right place, at the right time, when the right promotion comes up....well....let's just say that over 25...

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