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Max Lazarus, DO, PGY 2 (@emergency_doctor)

Emergency medicine resident at a Level 1 Trauma Center in New York and graduate of @nyitcomdo

I had a somewhat ‘non traditional’ path to medicine. I worked as a personal trainer full time throughout college while I majored in exercise physiology. My career as a trainer made me realize I wanted to help people, and heal them with more than just exercise so I decided to become a physician.

I was specifically attracted to the holistic education and emphasis on the human body from my time learning about health, wellness and exercise.

After finishing college, I was fortunate to be selected to do a summer internship called ‘Project Healthcare’ in the Emergency Department at Bellevue Hospital. The program was started by Dr. Lewis Goldfrank, a pioneer in emergency medicine and toxicology.

I spent the summer after college working 5-6 days a week there and fell in love with emergency medicine. I realized I wanted to be on the front lines of medicine helping the most destitute and acutely ill patients at anytime. Emergency medicine is thrilling to me because you are the doctor that’s ready for anything at anytime. #doctorsthatdo #emergencymedicine #pgy2 #osteopathicmedicine #baferd #jaferd