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AEIOUTIPS Mnemonic DDx for Altered Mental Status

Have you ever taken care of a pt who had an altered mental status (AMS)? Patients with an altered mental status (or ALOC)are among the toughest to assess since there is no classic, “one size fits all” presentation.

The clinical presentation is often obscure, which makes recognizing changes in mental status a challenging endeavor. There are certain underlying pathophysiological conditions that can cause AMS. This is one of the largest differential diagnoses you may encounter in the ED, EMS or hospital setting. 

1-START WITH THE ABCS, IV, O2, ✔️skins & 12 lead ðŸ–¤ðŸ’™ðŸ–¤

2-ASSESS the pt & extrapolate info from the family (i.e. med list) ðŸ’Š

3-GET labs: ISTATs, & venous blood gas (VBG) ðŸ’‰

4-Use AEIOUTIPS mnemonic to help w/DDx

5-Listen to emergency trauma mama’s new podcast to review a super interesting case study 😲💪🏻💯🤗