Forensic Science

Smiley Face Serial Killers

If you haven’t tuned into this special on Oxygen on Saturday nights, you can watch it on demand. It’s a very interesting show about some retired detectives investigating a string of deaths of young men that are thrown into a body of water. The biggest twist is they feel it is a cell of ppl that are bonded via the dark web as the M. O’s are all extremely similar. The men have either GHB or TCA’s or an alternative drug in their system that would have helped to incapacitate them in some way, shape or form. In addition, the cases are years apart, different cities, and there is always graffiti of a smiley face found near where the body is dumped or found. From a forensic standpoint, some of these men’s deaths have been ruled “accidental” when in fact there are clues (as told by Dr. Cyril Wecht) that lead the team to help reopen the majority of cases, because they blatantly scream homicide. Very intriguing show!

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YT link-proving SMK homicide investigation