HIPPA is Real-50 Employees Fired from Northwestern for Viewing Jussie Smollett Chart

Ppl fired for HIPPA Violation

So let’s talk about this….because I think there is an obvious disconnect between what ppl learn in school, what is clinically relevant and why the hospital should probably talk more about HIPPA in hospital orientation. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is it ok to go nosing around in a chart because the case looks interesting. If you have ZERO medical necessity to be in that chart, you should never OPEN IT!! I realize that this case got a TON of media attention. As a medical professional though, it’s our JOB to protect everyone’s medical information with the same confidentiality as we would want our chart to be treated. I remember a similar situation arose when Britney Spears was hospitalized a long time ago at Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA. Ppl literally opened her medical chart to read about her psychiatric illness because they were NOSY. I mean really…srsly??! If you are not a psych nurse taking care of Britney, you CANNOT OPEN HER CHART. PERIOD! I am not sure why ppl thought it was ok to open Jussie Smollett’s chart. Perhaps they didn’t understand digital forensics. For every chart you open, Big Brother is ALWAYS watching. Every EMR can track who, what, when and how long you are in every chart you open. If you have no reason to be in a chart, you will be red-flagged…particularly on such a high profile case such as this. In addition, same name look-ups are also a HUGE NO-NO!!😱. I realize you don’t want to wait the extra 3-4 days before hearing your results from your regular PCP, but you CANNOT look up your own medical results. This is another huge RED FLAG in the EMR & it can potentially get you fired.

Oh, and btw, if you are posting anything about any case on social media you can also get fired. I know several nurses who have posted about a trauma case and got fired for it. The bottom line is, with everyone having a camera, recording device in their hand, taking pics or posting has become second nature. But the medical professional in you should always ask, how would I feel is I saw my partially amputated digit posted on the internet? It is such a serious epidemic and most hospitals have a written policy and procedure on it now.

Bottom line, learn from others mistakes and even if your curious, DON’T DO IT!! It could cost you your job and no breach of confidentiality of worth it.

-The Verkinator ✌🏼

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